Systematic Service

Competitive Price

Our high-efficiency engineers and workers, long-term suppliers and parts universality result in competitive cost, especially in some products.

Product Diversity

We have a full line of standardized Safes for your reference. in the past years, we developed more than 50 series of safes for global customers.

Prompt Response

High-efficiency technical engineer and rich-experience salesman to support the business, are our guarantee of prompt response.

After Service

We warrant main parts against defects in materials and workmanship, being valid in 1 year from the date of arrival. warranty does not cover any labor costs.

Market Research

We are developing our business in high speed way

Not Only in Domestic Market
But Also in Exporting Market

5th in the overseas market

Based on data resource, We are the 5th safes exporter in China. We had been main exporting safe company since we started our exporting business in 2016.

3rd in the Domestic Niche-Market

China is a giant safe market. comparing our short history, we are in the Top 10 of most provinces in China. in the high-end safes, we had 3rd market Share since 2011.

Common Questions

What is Delivery Time?
What payment term do you offer?
What is the procedure if I plan to place an order?
What lock options do you have?
What procedure does your manufacturing have?
What's your minimum order quantity?
How can I get prices?
Could you send me catalog?
Could I mix the container with several different models?

Feel free to contact with us if you have problems.

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